Mr. & Mrs. Greenwell

Presenting part 3 of the Counts Down to Greenwell love story.

Our wedding story begins in a beautiful Knoxville home that had recently been featured as the cover in Sequoyah Hills Living magazine. This place let in the most amazing sunlight. From there we headed to the church for a lovely ceremony. Unfortunately, photography was only allowed at certain times in the church. I’m so happy to say we still got some pretty great shots. After family photos with a view of the city, we headed to The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame. This was certainly a unique place. The building was cylinder in shape and had a never ending staircase winding around the length of the wall. They put so much thought into every little detail. I was so excited to see my very own work displayed through the venue.

Mr. & Mrs. Greenwell – It was absolutely a pleasure working with you both. You are such great people and I wish you the very best on this lifelong journey of love and happiness.

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