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I was invited by now Mr. and Mrs. Oliver to fly all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada to photograph their gorgeous wedding in Ceasar’s Palace. Of course, I said “I do”, or rather, “Yes, yes, yes!” The whole family and their closest friends had an even longer trek than I, coming in from Canada. Let me tell you, those Canadians know how to party!

While the ladies enjoyed champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries in their swank hotel room at Caeser’s, I followed the gentlemen to Bellagio to photograph their hot shave. It was such a great way for the boy’s to relax before the festivities. The Oliver’s wanted a “first look” to take the pressure off  their nuptials but first, they exchanged letters to each other. It was such a lovely idea that made for really great photos. The “first look” allowed us extra time, so we hopped in the limo to fulfill one of the bride and groom’s biggest wishes for their wedding, photos at the Vegas sign.  What a ride that was! Those in the wedding party know what I mean…

Their nuptials were short but so very, very sweet. You could see the excitement on the face of every guest at the wedding. Formals were so much fun. Keep an eye out for the selfie stick. It was being passed around all weekend so, of course, it had to make it’s way into the formal photos!

After dinner, which was drool worthy by the way, every foot in the house was on the dance floor! To explain the image of the group gathered around the phone, I should probably mention the wedding took place on the night of the big fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. One gentleman found the fight online and the crowd ensued just in time for the end of it. You can decide what they thought of the outcome once you find the image among those 98.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your amazing wedding day. You and your family made Chris and I feel like such a big part of your day.

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