Mr. & Mrs. Peterson

The Mrs.’ is a long time KLP client. Of course, I was ecstatic when asked to photograph their wedding! I made the trek to Globe, Arizona where a beautiful Santa Fe styled church awaited this lovely couple’s vows. The architecture in this area is amazing. There is so much texture and color in this city that it’s impossible to tire of it. Having arrived early to town, Chris and I hunted for a few favorite spots that would work well for formals. Would you believe we found an old train car? After visiting her mother’s home for some sentimental images, we made a mad dash for the old train car. The walls were all steel with the most perfect patina. The exterior was covered in graffiti. I could not have created a better backdrop myself. The Mr. scooped up his new bride and lifted her into the train car for quite possibly one of the most unique formal/bridal collections.

Mr. & Mrs. Peterson – You are two very special people. I am so glad you found each other. I am honored to call you friends. Thank you for jumping into train cars with me!

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